About us

We are a group of technology enthusiasts with knowledge of your critical requirements

Our vision

We at WideSens work to provide you with innovative answers to your business problems. Whether you expect a full In-House device, or a COTS based system, we can help you at every step of the development of your embedded device. The main value we keep focusing on is the constant research of promising technologies to include in your projects. This will to always be aware of the best solution to a given problem makes us spend a large part of our activities on internal research projects on IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Sensing.

Our mission

We make use of our expertise to help you in the development of your embeded devices. We can provide architecture and design consultancy on IoT, embeded Linux, Android, Smart sensing and so on.
Our services also extend to designing electronic boards as well as mechanical casing and system integration for your prototypes.

Our skills

Wireless Engineering
Digital IC design
Embeded System Architecture
System prototyping

Some facts about us

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Our Team

Few tech-savvy skilled creatures
Thomas Beluch
Thomas Beluch CEO Digital electronics for embedded systems
Florian Perget
Florian Perget CTO Hardware-Software co-design
Denis Carvin
Denis Research Engineer Embedded software and Network architecture
Josué Alvarez
Josué Research Engineer Software Evangelist


WideSens is made of people willing to solve your implementation problems with the best available solution. We do provide consultancy at every step of your project, from architecture design to prototype assembly. The variety of our skills allow us to take into account most of the upcoming issues at every step, and to avoid rework as much as possible.

System architecture

  • User stories
  • Specification
  • User experience
  • Technology survey
  • 3D Mockups
  • Architecture Dossier


  • Android & Yocto Linux
  • OS customization
  • Customer specific board design
  • Electronic design
  • Mechanical integration
  • IOS & Android Apps Development


  • 3D printing
  • Fast PCB design and fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Standard compliance
  • Agile project management


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